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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does ProcureNetworks exist?

"Do good." That's our company motto. We exist to enable people to save money. We serve non-profit organizations - people inspired with a call to serve. We work to find different ways to help these servants save money so that they can serve more people! We've got the best job in the world: serving servants so they can serve more! How's that for some alliteration?

What is ProcureNetworks?

ProcureNetworks simplifies procurement. Create. Post. Bid. Select. Our service connects Buyers and Sellers, streamlines the procurement process and organizes all that information in one spot.

How does ProcureNetworks work?

ProcureNetworks walks a Buyer through a short process to create a Project for the purchase of goods or services. That Project is then posted for review by verified Sellers. Sellers are notified each time a Project is posted that fits their area of interest. A Seller may ask questions about the Project and then bid on it. A Buyer tracks this workflow and receives any questions and bids in one location. That Buyer can then select a trusted Seller. Once the transaction is completed, the Buyer and Seller can rate each other and the transaction.

How do you connect Buyers and Sellers?

When Buyers and Sellers sign up on ProcureNetworks, each is asked to classify their business according to what they do - your economic activity. At that point when a Buyer posts a Project, our connection engine (the secret sauce) is able to efficiently direct that Project to the dashboards of relevant Sellers. For example, a Seller who sells t-shirts is not going to get Projects from Buyers requesting landscaping services.

How does this service save me time or save me money?

ProcureNetworks standardizes and automates your procurement process to save you time and money. You could save 11% to 30% annually due to cost reductions and cost avoidance, process efficiencies, increasing visibility and control of spending, and through Buyers and Sellers collaborating more efficiently.

For example, a paper-based procurement process is inefficient and a time waster. Think about the many files, folders, emails, tablets of notes and phone messages that are in various piles on or around your desk. By using ProcureNetworks, a Buyer can create a Project without printing paper, post a Project online and reach more trusted Sellers. A Seller has more business opportunities from more Buyers, can bid on a Project online without using paper, and both Buyers and Sellers can communicate on our platform. Buyers can capture notes, notifications and message while also reusing Project templates for recurring projects. ProcureNetworks helps Buyers and Sellers keep all that info in one location!

Do I need to install software to use ProcureNetworks?

Our service is web-based, which means ProcureNetworks is available anywhere you have an Internet connection. No additional software is needed!

How do I access ProcureNetworks from my mobile device?

Click on your Dashboard from any desktop or mobile device – no app required. When you have an Internet connection, simply sign in to ProcureNetworks with your phone or browser and you may view your Dashboard optimized for whatever device you’re using!

How much does ProcureNetworks cost?

Our service is available at no charge and exclusively to those who are invited to participate while we are still in beta. We will continue to maintain this as a free service in exchange for the valued feedback of our users. We do not sell any user information, which is stated in our Privacy Policy.

Does ProcureNetworks have influence over what Seller is selected?

Only the Buyer reviews all bids and then may select a winning bidder. None of the pricing in the bidding process is made public. All details of a transaction are between the Buyer and Sellers only.

How do I sign up to use ProcureNetworks?

You are welcome to sign up right here!

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